Next level e-commerce
with your store

We build 3rd party connectors, create beautiful designs, develop the most nifty apps and always have a tailor-made solution to fit your needs

Dyvelopment supports over 2000 businesses with their omnichannel challenges. Both retail and e-commerce, and all around the globe (well, except Antarctica).

With our long term experience and expertise, we are by far your preferred partner to help you get your business to the next level.

Omnichannel specialists

Whether you're focussing on retail or ecommerce. We help you set out strategies, creating awesome designs or developing nifty software automation solutions. Basically we help you get next level with your online business.

Design & conversion rates

A fully custom design, or changes to your current design? We create beautiful websites and online shops, and make sure they're optimized for the maximum user experience. Together with custom extra features, this will result in even higher conversion rates

Development & custom work

We convert designs to fully featured online stores, develop integrations with POS systems and other 3rd parties, migrate your old shop data to your new store, sync your stock with your supplier's system. Software automation is the keyword. You name it, we can develop anything!

We design and develop solutions for Lightspeed, CCV Shop, Shopify or Shopware stores. Just e-commerce or 100% omnichannel with a physical store? And just started or already a million dollar business? We're a perfect match, no matter the size of your business right now.

Nieuw Thema!

Theme Nova

Our newest Lightspeed eCom theme is custom designed to get your online store to the next level

  • Automatic related products
  • Awesome store locator / our stores page
  • Built-in Shop the Look features
  • Daily deal timers and bundles as a product
  • Support for Instagram feeds
  • Modern UX-techniques for the highest conversion rates possible
  • Custom design for blogs, cart and service pages
  • Choose between a vertical fly-out navigation or horizontal menubar
  • Yellow stars in Google search results
  • Fully mobile first responsive design

Brief impression

What our customers appreciate the most? Our high standards for quality and our level of communication. Customer service has our highest priority: we won't let you wait a week for a response. And because we're so passionate about what we do, the quality and sustainability of our work is unparalleled.

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