About us

Always put our quality and clients first

It made us a key player on the international ecommerce market

Started as a small company a long time ago during the hype of the internet bubble in 2002, but now a large well known player in the international ecommerce market. What we have accomplished is due to our effort for perfection and our effort for the best customer relations. We strive for only the best, which can bee seen in the quality, stability and durability of our solutions.

We have over 15 years of experience in designing and developing websites, online stores and custom solutions from A to Z. Nowadays we are serving over more than 900 active clients around the world. From the Netherlands to the US, from Germany to Saudi Arabia.


But what do we do?

It’s easy: design and development! Like connecting you to 3rd party software or for example your supplier, a complete design, custom changes in your design or extra features. You name it, as long as it’s web related. We make sure it’s getting done.


Lightspeed experts

We’ve been a long term Lightspeed partner and are by far the best choice to deliver exceptional high quality design and technical solutions for your shop. What started with a few apps in the Lightspeed eCom app store has now expanded to a large portfolio of awesome Lightspeed soluations. We create custom solutions for your shop like connectors to your supplier, integrations with other software/parties, extra features for your shop and beautiful (custom) designs from A to Z.

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